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The Pangolin Diary

by David Stanley

The Pangolin Diary offers reflections and insights by an Australian male midwife working in remote, rural Zimbabwe in the early 1990s, as AIDS and TB spread their shadow across the continent. Some sto ...

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The Papal Secret

by Stanley Miller

When Pope John Pietro 1 receives news from a strange visitor he learns a secret that shocks him to the core. Not wanting to cause turmoil within the Holy See, the Pope and his trusted friend Cardinal ...

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The Parable of the Dog

by Phil Pringle

Appearances can be deceptive. This is a small book with the cosiest of titles – The Parable of the Dog – and you might assume that it isn’t deep. Presumably, Jesus’ listeners felt the same whe ...

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The Peculiar

by Stefan Bachmann

The international bestseller and debut novel by teenage author and classical musician Stefan Bachmann is part murder mystery, part gothic fantasy, part clockwork adventure. Best-selling author Rick Ri ...

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The Penpal - Array

by Patricia Bookman

From early 1900s Russia to modern day New York City, The Penpal is a mystery thriller that connects several generations of Russian families. Revenge is carried out in a series of mysterious events tha ...

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The People of the Book and the People of the Dubious Book

by Muhammad Azizan Sabjan

The question of the People of the Book (Ahl al-Kitāb) has long been of central significance to Islam and later to the study of comparative religion. It becomes more crucial when Abū al-Fath Muhammad ...

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by H. C. Hannah

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The Pirate King - Array

by Stephen L. Props

The Pirate King is the author’s debut novel, blending history, action, adventure, romance, the epic Napoleonic era, and piracy into a fictional story based on actual historical events. If you’re l ...

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The Poetry of Life II

by Walter Davenport

In my poetry, I, search for answers to life’s questions. The Poetry of Life II, sometimes emotional, sometimes playful, is based on my personal feelings, observations, and experiences in my life and ...

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by Mohamed Mustafa Ishak

The politics of nation-building has always been a central issue in Malaysia. Whilst the country has been able to sustain a relatively stable politics since the 1969 tragedy, and hence generate a rapid ...

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