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England, My England: Hooligan Series - Book Two

by Dougie Brimson

Publisher - Category C Publishing

Category - Sports & Hobbies

"‘Quite simply brilliant’ - Sky Sports Magazine The Trouble with the National Team Football violence, known everywhere as ‘The English Disease’, is as widespread today as it has ever been. England, My England is the book which finally exposes what life is like among the most feared group of supporters in the world - the England fans. Featuring first-hand accounts of trips abroad, it explores many of the issues and myths surrounding this subject, and explains why some fans behave so differently when following their country compared with their club. In particular, the events of Euro 96 are reviewed in detail: where did the organisers get it right - and where did they go wrong? ‘Fearlessly written... a thought-provoking read which digs below the surface and explores the whole issue of football violence’ - Racing and Football Outlook"

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