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Towards Sustainable and Inclusive Higher Education Challenges and Strategies

by Editors: Melissa Ng Lee Yen Abdullah, Ahmad Nurulazam Md. Zain

Publisher - Penerbit USM

Category - General Academics

In building sufficient, efficient human resources, massification of higher education is a common phenomenon. It is to this end that sustainability and inclusiveness have become such critical issues in higher education and its literature. This book looks into the major question of financial sustainability for the higher education institution, revealing the university’s struggles in the face of limited public funds. Coping strategies and feasible alternatives are extensively examined. The authors also tackle the area of higher education systems and collaboration in ensuring sustainability. Here, matters such as the public-private equilibrium, sustainable alumni networks, and research and publication competitiveness are deliberated. One distinguishing feature of this publication, however, is its discourse on higher education access, giving unique insight into the plight of certain underrepresented groups in higher education. The writers champion inclusiveness by analysing and recommending the best practices in bolstering these marginalised factions towards academic success. Readers will certainly gain a more profound understanding of sustainable and inclusive higher education.

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