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Mind Games

by Kiersten White

Publisher - HarperTeen

Category - General Novel

Perfect for fans of Sara Shepards The Lying Game series, Kiersten Whites Mind Games, a novel about two sisters trapped in a web of deceit, was called lightning fast and fabulously fun by bestselling author Laini Taylor.Fia and Annie are as close as two sisters can be. They look out for each other. Protect each other. And most importantly, they keep each others secrets, even the most dangerous ones: Annie is blind, but can see visions of the future; Fia was born with flawless intuition—her first impulse is always exactly right. When the sisters are offered a place at an elite boarding school, Fia realizes that something is wrong . . . but she doesnt grasp just how wrong. The Keane Institute is no ordinary school, and Fia is soon used for everything from picking stocks to planting bombs. If she tries to refuse, they threaten her with Annies life. Now Fias falling in love with a boy who has dark secrets of his own. And with his help, shes ready to fight back. They stole her past. They control her present. But she wont let them take her future.

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