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Be Different or Be Dead: Execute First; Plan Second

by Roy Osing

Publisher - BookBaby

Category - Finance & Investments

It's getting tougher to develop a winning formula in today's business world. Competition is fierce. Customers are demanding, fickle and unpredictable and employees are looking for insightful leadership. In response, extreme energy in most organizations is spent on trying to develop the "perfect" strategy or Plan that, due to its superb strategic essence, is viewed by all as a “slam dunk” to succeed. Unfortunately, the Plan, regardless of how pristine or intellectually clever it is, does not guarantee a win. It may look good “on paper”, but that’s about as far as it goes. Results are not achieved on paper. Results are achieved "out there" in the trenches where stuff is delivered to people; competitors do battle. Winning is messy, inelegant and, yes, painful. Winning is achieved by people doing things, not thinking things. Winning is a function of Brilliant EXECUTION, not what's on paper. Yes, you need a Roadmap to guide you, but that’s all it is – a Guide. The Plan is never “perfect”. On its own it will NEVER guarantee success. A DiFFERENT perspective on planning is needed. Get the Plan "just about right" and put in the time to perfect EXECUTION. Mind-blowing execution separates the winners from The Herd. EXECUTION is the real competitive advantage. Action not words. "Execute First; Plan Second" offers a proven roadmap to establish EXECUTION as a core competency of any organization. Discover Roy's Strategic Game Plan; a playbook to create an effective Plan based on the "gut issues" facing an organization AND the essentials to EXECUTE it. This eBook draws on Roy’s 33+ years as an executive leader. You will learn what he did to build EXECUTION into the DNA of organizations he successfully led. The Practices in this book are simple, practical and more important, proven. They work in the real world! If you are excited about truly making a difference in your organization, study “Execute First; Plan Second” and venture where few have gone before.

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