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101 Free Websites to Learn English

by Stephen Harrison

Publisher - Relevant English

Category - Language & Dictionary

With the event of globalisation and the increasingly competitive job market, learning English has never been more important. In the past, learning English meant paying for expensive lessons. Yet today, many learners are unaware that there are hundreds of amazing websites for learning English - and many of them are completely free! This short information book is a collection of links to one hundred and one of the very best free websites for learning English. To make things easy, the websites have been ordered by topic under the following headings: grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, speaking, listening, reading comprehension, writing, general English learning and a collection of fun websites used by native speakers of English. Each website is an active link so, if your device allows it, you can connect direct from this eBook (if not, simply input the links into the address bar on your PC). This book will save you time and money, as you achieve fluency in English.

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