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BOSH!: The Healthy Vegan Diet

by Henry David Firth

Publisher - William Morrow Cookbooks

Category - Family & Health

A full-color, plant-based guide to help you slim down and eat and feel better; filled with eighty delicious, vegan recipes and nutritious meal plans from the international phenomenon and bestselling brand BOSH!

BOSH! has revolutionized plant-based eating! As the largest and fastest-growing plant-based food channel on the web, and the brand behind the smash international bestselling cookbook, BOSH! has introduced readers across the globe to fun, mouth-watering vegan recipes even meat eaters can love.

Now, Henry and Ian are on a mission to help you eat well, feel better, and even lose weight. A comprehensive guide to nutritious, wholesome living using only the power of plants, BOSH!: The Healthy Vegan Diet features eighty delicious recipes and nourishing meal plans to get you started and help you stay on track.

Packed full of nutrition hacks and lifestyle tips, BOSH!: The Healthy Vegan Diet will motivate anyone looking to achieve a fit, lean, and healthy body while staying vegan.

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