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Writing Journal Introduction Section

by Amran bin Md Rasli

Publisher - Amran bin Md Rasli

Category - General Academics

This book is handy for the new academics as they too need to develop competencies to publish their research in reputable journals in order to gain promotion. I do hope that this book would provide some assistance especially for those intending to embark on research in social sciences related disciplines such as education, business management, marketing, organizational behavior and institutional administration. Please note that this book is focusing on how to write the introduction of your journal article ONLY as I have noticed many scholars have so many problems with writing a decent introduction. It may seem funny and some would say, why write on how to write the introduction section of an article? As an experienced journal editor and reviewer, we tend to get influenced by the quality of the introduction section. Meaning, if it is badly written, the editor will not even bother to pass the article to reviewers, it will be rejected outright at the editor’ desk.

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