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Degradation of Inanimate Forms: Innovation for Sustainability and Green Technology

by Editors: Liyana Amalina Adnan, Nurhidaya Mohamad Jan & Atika Kaco

Publisher - Penerbit USIM

Category - Science

Degradation is a process that results to the transformation and breaking down of complex compound or structure into simpler compound. The theme of this book is the degradation of inanimate forms which explain the concept of deterioration of inanimate forms which explain the concept of deterioration at different fields of study. This book emphasis the significant in improving computation of big data in industrial computer, improve quality in aquaculture industry, waste to wealth, ensure the environment sustainability by water treatment, and enhance contribution for mathematicians in the filed of molecular biology and computer science. This book also consists of seven chapters which are focusing on the system biology in decrease resistance of marine aquaculture, water treatment via biodegradation using fungus, DNA computing using formal language theory, innovation in replacing classical computer to quantum computer, nanomaterials as microwave absorbing material and lignocellulosic materials for cellulose regeneration products, interesting, several of the researches have been awarded in a few exhibitions in Malaysia and overseas.

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