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Lost Ties - A Journey by Image

by Thomas Armstrong

Publisher - SBPRA

Category - Art & Graphics

The book of art work contains descriptive works in three parts. The first section contains a run of "stills" from an imaginary screenplay the artist conjured up. Over time, as the images develop, a sequence of chronological flow, time, and story ensue. This all happens by accident, but eventually he is able to incorporate all the images into a WWII screenplay with two separate operating theaters, Indo-Europe and North Africa. Somehow he manages to weave a story line of five disparate girls and the dilemma of the father being forced to develop biological warfare for the Germans. This is exemplified by the intertwined bug motif. The second section consists of text by the author and links illustrations to folk tales. It basically was an exercise to prepare for a further book at a later date. The third section remains a smorgasbord of backlogged work from the time period 1987-2000. These were included to show the scope and range of his ability.

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