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What This World Is Really About! - Because the Confusion Starts with the Fundamentals

by Ken Minton

Publisher - SBPRA

Category - Science

This rebel with a cause author intellectually challenges the demarcation separating science from philosophy in his firestorm of a book What This World Is Really About! With the alternative "correct" demarcations established, the author then explores the many and significant ramifications. Thus, the first chapter is dedicated to answering the question: How is reality correctly understood? The author then takes on controversial issues that impact everyone. This can be seen in the following table of contents. Chapter 1) Because the Confusion Starts With the Fundamentals; Chapter 2) The Fact of Evolution; Chapter 3) Our Real Motivations Resulting from the Fact of Evolution; Chapter 4) The Failed God Theory and Why It's Promoted; Chapter 5) The Preference Issue of Morality; Chapter 6) What is Conservatism? What is Liberalism?; Chapter 7) Who Gets Rich, Why, and the Impact to Others; Chapter 8) Why the Philosophers are Wrong!; and Chapter 9) What This World is Really About! The website What This World is Really About! was established to promote reader involvement. Should there be sufficient interest, a second edition will include intelligent counter arguments with author response.

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